The Wattsun battery system is the solution for professionals on location, whether you’re building off-grid, or filming on a desert island. It’s a revolutionary battery system that accepts anything with a 230V plug. It’s robust and well suited to rough work on construction sites, but equally presentable, if clean, as an alternative to a generator in a mobile food truck for example. It’s portable and compact. The Wattsun system comprises two elements:  The Wattsun Dock which you plug your equipment into, and the Wattsun (battery) Packs which can be stacked up to four high on top of the base unit, depending on the required capacity.

Our client required clean-lined and close-up imagery of the Wattsun Dock and Wattsun Pack. We recreated the two elements of the product in 3DS Max, taking care to add believable scuffing as signs of their use in the real world. The client was then able to easily view their product from any angle, and at any distance, allowing them to select the optimal image to present on their website. We also made a conceptual composition that conveys the purpose and effectiveness of their product system by displaying it as a work of art itself, with floating strip lights above it.