The OASE Hair Vitiamins.

OASE was founded with the launch of their Hair Vitamins Vegan Soft Gums, a blackcurrant-flavoured chewable dietary supplement containing all the essential nutrients for healthier hair. This product is suitable for anyone who wants their hair to be stronger, healthier, longer, and more vibrant. In addition, OASE recognise the psychological importance of anxiety and distress associated with common hair problems such as breakage and hair loss.

In 3D, we recreated the packaging and the Vegan Soft Gums. We then arranged the soft gums and packaging to communicate the care and authority OASE wished to emphasise. It is particularly challenging and important to ensure that organic shapes such as the Soft Gums are incredibly accurate to real life, so that customers’ expectations are met or surpassed when they open their first box. The collection of images that we created presents the uncomplicated beauty of the product and its packaging, aligning it with the enjoyment and self-care that are keystones of a healthy lifestyle.


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