Pivot light

Pivot lamp features an aluminium rail with a PET Felt form around it. Thanks to a rotatable fixture, you can adjust the direction of light. Combining inherent flexibility with a playful and dynamic appearance, Pivot is suitable for various contexts, including offices, restaurants and social spaces. The cap is pressed as a single piece from PET Felt, resulting in a soft, textured shape. 

The lamp comes in two variants – single and duo, that work equally well on their own or as part of a more extensive lighting layout. They’re both available in eleven PET Felt blends and two colour temperatures to meet any interior’s functional and aesthetic needs. Choose a contrasting colour to create a statement piece, or let the lamp blend in with the interior design scheme. Meet the functional needs of different spaces with a range of lighting modes. It features LED with high-quality, dimmable light. 

Together with De Vorm, we created the product visuals for their website using product shots on a clear white background to communicate clean and simple design, and images that display the products as they could be set out in a cafe setting.

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