Moduplus is a forward-thinking furniture brand. With their modular couch system, they provide the client with room for flexibility and creativity in their home, from placing a single sofa block to creating shapes with multiple blocks.

There are various options to alter the couch to suit different purposes. The sofa blocks are connected to each other but not fixed so that the couch can be split into multiple parts and reassembled in a different shape when you fancy a change. Alternatively, they can be split and used as smaller separate couches. Together with the client, we created the product shots on white background, and in abstract studio settings to show different uses of the couch. 

We created an animation that demonstrates how the couch is assembled. The fabric can be easily removed for washing, repairing, replacement or so that you can update your interior colour scheme without purchasing a new couch. It is designed this way for ease, enjoyment, and so that the couch is used and treasured for much longer, thereby reducing waste. 

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