Product configurator.

A product configurator is an online tool that works in the web browser. It allows your customer to put together their own product, in all possible options that you offer; materials, shapes, or compositions.

Why a configurator?

With a product configurator, the customer has the feeling that they are putting together their own unique product, or at least using the available parameters to make the perfect version for them. The right colour/material combination of a product can make or break a sale, and these options can be tried out by a customer using an online configurator. Do different types of materials or colours fit together? With a product configurator, this can be discovered with just a few clicks. Because the possible options of a product are already online in a configurator, there are fewer questions from the customer.

How it works.

Each configurable part of the product is stored on a separate layer. This component can consist of different colours or materials. These layers are then assembled on the website itself. To use the configurator at its best, the assistance of the website developer is required. 

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