3D product visualisations play an increasingly important role in the presentation of products. Companies such as Apple and Ikea mainly use 3D product visualisations because once the product is created in 3D it can be viewed in different ways and in different situations with a few clicks of the mouse. The 3D objects are all stored for later use and adjustment as and when required, including for use in images that compliment and promote new product ranges in future. 

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Product options.

Computer-generated images make it possible to show a product in all possible materials and options. This allows designers, manufacturers, and customers to get a better idea of the product. For each product or product collection, a customised lighting and scene composition is developed by Polyvorm. The virtual studio in which the products are visualised can be reused at a later date.

Presentation environment.

3D product visualisations can be used to show the environment in which the product will be used. This 3D environment is not bound by the limitations of the real world, and all variables that can influence the product are carefully designed and programmed. In this way, the created environment is specifically developed to suit the product or the vision of the company.

Product development.

For products that are still in concept phase, 3D product visualisation allows you to see what the product will look like in real life, so you can easily refine or adjust your product. 3D product visualisation helps you to get from a concept to the final product.

3D product visualisations of a not-yet-existing product can help you to attract investors or to set up crowdfunding, employing 3D techniques such as animations and exploded views where the product and all its parts are displayed in a naturally impossible way.

Save money.

Producing and photographing a product in many different colours, materials, fits or options is expensive and time-consuming. Polyvorm offers a solution for this: you can save on these costs with a 3D visualisation. The product needs to be made in 3D only once. This 3D model is then used to visualise all design parameters such as colour, material or fit.

The 3D visualisations of not-yet-existing products can be adjusted later on without significant cost. When developing a new product, this can save a lot of money and time.