Interactive 3D Models

Engage customers with an interactive 3D model of your product. They can explore your product, turning it around, upside down, and zooming in on details such as buttons, handles or tucked-away features.

This interactive experience naturally encourages interest, so your customers will have an enjoyable and memorable experience. As they can explore your product themselves, they will have a better understanding of your product, fewer questions, and more confidence and enthusiasm to purchase it.

An immersive experience

The interactive 3D viewer is customizable to your corporate identity. 

See the product from all sides, and zoom in to explore details with easy navigation. ‘A picture is worth 1000 words’, but an interactive 3D model is incomparable to pictures, diagrams or renders. 3D models are fun and interesting- you have a question, and you can find the answer easily yourself. The experience itself is impressive, so your customer is engaged.

Augmented Reality

On any smartphone, with the click of a button (bottom right in the 3D model window), your customers sees your product overlaid on whatever they are pointing their smartphone camera at, such as their living room, kitchen table, or themselves in the mirror. They can shimmy around their house, deciding where your product will look best. They can take a screenshot of your product placed, to share with a partner or friends. Purchasing decisions become easier, more satisfying, and more fun.


Make the information flow naturally with easy-to-edit annotations. They are a simple and unlimited addition to help your customers understand and enjoy your product as they navigate their way around your interactive 3D model. It’s an effective way to highlight product features, without the risk of bombarding or confusing potential customers with lengthy explanations and exhaustive graphics.

We’ll help you to place annotations so that your customers understand your product well: They will have fewer questions, fewer doubts, and the product is therefore much more likely to fit with their expectations when it arrives at their door.

We’ll make it work for you

We do the technical stuff: On your side, it simply works. Just copy and paste the coding that we create and provide to you, into the product environment on your webshop. It works out-of-the-box on any webshop platform, so if you have webshops across multiple platforms, you can paste the same code into all of them.

Our service works well on all screen sizes and using any browser, so customers can interact with our 3D models using any smartphone, laptop or tablet.